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"Sesungguhnya aku menasihati kamu bukanlah beerti aku yang terbaik dari kalangan kamu. Bukan juga yang paling soleh dari kalangan kamu kerana aku juga pernah melampaui batas untuk diri sendiri. Seandainya seseorang itu hanya dapat menyampaikan dakwah bila dia sempurna, nescaya tidak akan ada pendakwah. Maka akan jadi sikitlah orang yang memberi peringatan." [Imam Hassan Al Basri]

Gua Tempurung


On 1st January, we were going to Gua Tempurung located in Gopeng, Perak which is one the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia . Actually it was a last minute planning. Generally, last minutes planning always succeed.

Oh ya, people may think that there'll be a lots of tempurung. But, sincerely I did't saw any tempurung inside there. Weird. Then why it is called Gua Tempurung?

Because the caves have five gigantic domes with ceilings resembling coconut shells which are :

  • Golden Flowstone Cavern : Standing at a height of 90 metres, Golden Flowstone describes the sloping and wavering floor and wall of the cave which has a golden hue when water flows over it.
  • Gergasi (Giant) Cavern : It holds a huge column that looks like a space ship. Measuring about 15 metres high and 17 metres long, the column seems to hang precariously.
  • Tin Mine Cavern : Here, you will see the remnants of mining activities in the old days.
  • Alam (Universe) Cavern : Measuring more than 130 metres in width and towers 72 metres high, the cavern has a slender stalactite called Tongkat (Walking Stick or Cane).
  • Fallen Warrior and Battlefield Cavern : See many amazing formations with one looking like a fallen warrior in a battlefield.

Ok lets start our story. The tour packages have four. First, we planned to take tour packages two. We just need to climb up 640 steps which is 120 metres high. But then majority don't want. Not adventure at all la. But ya that's true. I thought everyday I already climb up KMPk steps. Then we decided to take the tour package three.

The tour three is the top of the world and short river adventure. The journey took 2hours and 30 minutes for about 2.4km. For sure we were conducted by a sempoi funny tourguide, called Along. Such an interesting tour and a also a new experince for me. First time masuk gua ok.

The journey started with climbing up the 640 steps. Oh ya, sure penat, mengah, semput and so on but ok laa because it is not a straight journey. We'll stopped at every checkpoint. I thougt I'll become slim if everyday I'm stepping this 640 step. Along said everyday he climbed up but maintained chubby. 
While we were stepping, we can see that a lots of animals inside, not tempurung. There were dolphin, chicken, an elephant, sea horse and bla blaa. Believe it? It's natural. Just tour it and you alls will felt excited. 

After the 640 steps, we also had to go down 230 steps and get wet in in the underground river. We had to sliding down slippery stones which is 9 metres high.Quite interesting because I never tried before. Nervous? For sure. But I tried my best. And alhamdulillah I did it. Just like playing gelongsor but ough to be more carefull. Then, we had to entered a free size hole before got into the river. A lots of fun crawling through holes like a crocodile until we getting out to be greeted by the beautiful sight of the greenery outside.

Such a wonderful experience there. I'll be sure people spend their time there will not feel regret. You'll feel the satisfaction. And for sure I have a great time on 1st January 2013 with my classmates. Thank you guys ;)

For more information , do visit here GUA TEMPURUNG.

*try to improve my english. You are welcome to correct my grammar or everything


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